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Sweet Gum Trail at Museum of Arts & Sciences in Macon, GA

Fly through this nature trail located at the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Macon, GA. The Sweet Gum Nature Trail in front of the museum building which was recently upgraded, includes the expansion of the pond, bioswales, and landscaping around the outside of the pond. It also features unique stone sculptures and a large star called “The Temple of Wonder,” a sculpture by Jen Upchurch overlooking the pond.

Here’s a timelapse of the sculpture being assembled on-site:

Tubman Museum in Macon, GA

This drone flythrough tour of the Tubman Museum located in downtown Macon, GA will give you a sneak peek at what you’re missing! The Tubman Museum is the Southeast’s largest museum dedicated to the Art, History and Culture of African Americans. Take a journey from Africa to America!


Jackson Springs Park in Macon, GA

Enjoy this drone flythrough tour of Jackson Springs Park located in the Shirley Hills Neighborhood around Nottingham Drive in Macon, GA. The park was honorably named after General Andrew Jackson who frequently camped in this area with his fellow troops, the Tennessee Volunteers.

A nature lover’s paradise, this park is filled with majestic stone bridges, magnificent stone benches, a mossy brook, and beautiful perennials and evergreens. Shirley Hills’ residents may also plant trees in memorial of loved ones in the park.

Cherry Blossom Party Time in Macon GA

As the official photographer and videographer of the International Cherry Blossom Festival, I was very grateful to meet and work with some very talented people from Macon Pops and the OTIS Redding Foundation that created, produced and performed the new song “Cherry Blossom Party Time” for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, GA.

I was honored to film new footage and edit existing footage for the official Cherry Blossom Festival Music Video using the new song.

“Cherry Blossom Party Time”
Lyrics and Music by Matt Catingub
©2020 Bugnitac Music / ASCAP

Recorded & Produced by Matt Catingub & Steve Moretti
Mixed by Matt Catingub
Mastered by Glenn Schick Mastering

Charles Davis – Lead Vocals
Matt Catingub – Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Jessica Wornum – Rap Vocals
Otis Redding Foundation DREAM Team – Background Vocals
Andrew Synowiec – Rhythm & Solo Guitar
Kevin Axt – Bass
Steve Moretti – Drums
Amy Schwartz Moretti – Violin

Video Edited & Produced by GoRound Media
Larry Najera, Jr. – Editor, Broadcast Designer, Videographer, Video Production
Tristan Watson – Videographer


Matterport 3D Tour, Aerials and Interior Photography for Burgess Flooring Center in Macon, GA

Produced by Larry Najera at GoRound Media, this media showcase includes a Matterport 3D Tour and photography featuring the flooring showroom of Burgess Flooring & Design Center, a local Macon business since 1946 providing flooring sales and installation.




Matterport 3D Tour and Photography for The Lofts at Navicent in Macon, GA

Produced by Larry Najera at GoRound Media, this Matterport 3D Tour and Photo Gallery features The Lofts at Navicent, loft living at the epicenter of Navicent Health, Central Georgia’s premiere medical community in Macon, GA.


HDR photos were also captured for the spaces.


One Nation Under God Hype Video

Music hype video produced by Larry Najera includes photos, aerial videos of the Georgia National Fairgrounds during COVID19 the day before Governor Kemp’s stay-at-home orders. As the official photographer and videographer of the Georgia National Fairgrounds, Larry Najera of GoRound Media captured footage of the agricultural and event venue in Perry, Georgia featured in this video.

Matterport 3D Tour for Macon Beer Co. in Macon, GA

3D images were captured of Macon Beer Co. Taproom & Kitchen in Macon, GA. Experience an expansive taproom and kitchen with house-brewed beers & seltzers, and high end pizzas, wings and other bar foods, in a historic, three-story space with a large outdoor patio, and cozy downstairs bar.

Take a virtual tour of the space below produced by Larry Najera which is also available via Google Maps and Business Listing.

Real Estate Video, Aerials and Photos for Pritchard Farm Property in Madison, GA

Multimedia productions captured by Larry Najera includes photos, videos and aerial 360 degree panoramas were produced for commercial realty company, Randolph Williamson, to sell Pritchard Farm Property. Each parcel of the property is showcased in the video. A drive through video of the property features the surrounding area and historic Madison, Georgia. An aerial 360 panorama above each parcel gives the potential buyer a unique perspective of the property.

Pritchard Farm Property in Madison, Georgia
1,763 Acres





Doster Road – Crawley Road – Oil Mill Road

McHenry Crossing – Dixie Highway through Madison, Georgia ending at Morgan County Courthouse


How Drones Can Drive Commercial Real Estate Sales

Aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way for you to capture stunning images of your commercial properties and drive sales to your business. Commercial real estate is a competitive industry and potential buyers will view your listings online before they ever see them in person, so it’s important that your properties stand out among the hundreds of others. Aerial photography is the best way to get your properties noticed. Here are some ways that drones can help drive sales for your commercial real estate business and help your business be successful.


  1. Effective marketing


One way drones can help drive real estate sales is by allowing you to improve on your marketing. Drones can capture stunning aerial images and videos and capture fantastic views of your properties. They also allow you to get perspective views of properties that are yet to be constructed. Aerial videography and photography give real estate marketers and agents an opportunity to showcase commercial listings in a powerful and unique way. This also offers potential tenants a clear view of your available spaces before they choose to visit the property in person.


  1. Effortless inspections


Inspections are an important part of commercial real estate. Properties have to be routinely checked to make sure they are up to code and there are no issues. Drones make the inspection process much simpler because they help property owners, real estate developers, and commercial tenants inspect all corners of the property. This includes hard to reach areas like crawl space areas and the roof; plus, drones can help unearth potentially hazardous elements such as gas leaks. With drones, you can complete inspections much quicker for a fraction of the cost, which in turn will drive sales as properties can be cleared and put on the market faster.


If you own a commercial real estate business, you may consider using a beginner drone and doing these inspections yourself, but a professional aerial photography company can save you time and money with their experience. Dronethusiast.com has the best reviews for drones for pilots of all levels.


  1. Precise property mapping


Lastly, a drone will help drive sales to your commercial real estate business because drones can help collect data that could be useful in surveys and guides, including the property’s vicinity to various amenities. Along with this, aerial technology gives detailed visual overviews of a commercial real estate listing and providing an extraordinary view of its surrounding environments. This kind of information can be very helpful to commercial tenants who would like to inspect a building before leasing. Drones can also help tenants to know important aspects of the space such as the layout and design elements.


The drones used by a professional aerial company are high-quality and expensive to match the professional standards of most commercial real estate companies. If you’re looking to use drones recreationally and are hoping for something more affordable, you can see some of the best drones here.


As we mentioned, aerial photography is becoming more widespread by the day with many commercial real estate businesses using this technology to drive sales. In a competitive industry, aerial technology can help you stand out amongst competitors and get your properties viewed by more potential buyers. By investing in an aerial photography company, your commercial real estate business has the opportunity to be even more successful.

Drone Aerial 360 Photography & Videography
for the Macon Middle Georgia Area