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GoRound Media is owned and operated by Larry Najera of Najera Design, Inc., a Georgia corporation since 2002. Larry Najera is a licensed and insured drone pilot, based in Macon, GA, with a vast knowledge of communication design and experience in multimedia development including photography and video production for over 25 years.


Without certification, it’s illegal to fly drones commercially. For a photographer or video production company to offer drone photos and videos to their clients, certification is required.

FAA Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Drone Pilot Flying drones is also more complicated than you might think. Because they are unmanned aircraft, FAA regulations apply. Drone pilots must know how to:

  • Read weather patterns
  • Determine different airspace classifications
  • Read sectional maps
  • Determine temporary airspace restrictions
  • Obtain authorization to fly in airspace other than Class G
  • Use team members to increase safety
  • Research NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) regarding potential hazards along their flight routes
  • File NOTAMs to alert other pilots of our drone activity
  • File flight plans
  • Maintain flight logs and equipment documents



GoRound Media, a division of Najera Design, Inc., is insured by Hiscox Business Insurance providing professional liability insurance, general liability insurance and business owner insurance. Hiscox Business Insurance

In addition, drone operations and equipment are insured under a $2m sUAS / Drone Liability Insurance Policy provided by SkyVuze for the following operations: Aerial Photography, Mapping, Agriculture, Deliveries, Inspections, Surveillance, 3D Rendering, Government / Law Enforcement, Media, Energy, Maintenance, Cinematography.

Commercial sUAS Drone Liability Insurance


Drone Aerial 360 Photography & Videography
for the Macon Middle Georgia Area