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Aerial Views of Montgomery County Courthouse: History, Architecture, and Scenic Beauty

In May 2024, Larry Najera captured stunning aerial photos of the Montgomery County Courthouse in Mt. Vernon, GA, showcasing its architectural elegance and historical significance. Established in 1793, Montgomery County is one of Georgia’s oldest, named after Revolutionary War hero General Richard Montgomery. Mt. Vernon, the county seat, offers a charming glimpse into the region’s rich heritage.

The Montgomery County Courthouse, built in 1907, is a testament to early 20th-century architecture. Designed by renowned architect James W. Golucke, it features a blend of Classical Revival and Colonial Revival styles, with its imposing columns, red brick facade, and iconic clock tower. Golucke’s design exemplifies his talent for creating civic buildings that are both functional and visually striking.

Mt. Vernon itself is a small but vibrant community, with its roots deeply embedded in Georgia’s history. The town and courthouse have witnessed significant events and changes over the years, making them integral parts of the county’s narrative.

Larry Najera’s aerial photos provide a unique perspective on the courthouse’s architectural details and its picturesque surroundings. These images not only highlight the courthouse’s beauty but also serve as a reminder of the area’s historical and cultural importance. If you’re interested in using these captivating aerial photos, contact Larry Najera for permissions and additional details.

Celebrating 100 Years of the Washington Memorial Library in Macon, GA

The Washington Memorial Library in Macon, GA, has been a cornerstone of the community for a century, and its centennial celebration is a testament to its enduring impact. Established in 1923, the library has been a hub of knowledge, culture, and community engagement for generations.

* Photo of the Washington Memorial Library's exterior with centennial banners.

To commemorate this milestone, the library has adorned its exterior with beautiful banners highlighting its 100-year journey from 1923 to 2023. These banners are not just decorations but symbols of the library’s rich history and its commitment to serving the public.

Visitors can see these centennial banners as they walk up to the library, offering a visual journey through time with images and milestones from the past century. Inside, the celebration continues with special displays and events that reflect on the library’s contributions to education and community life.

Aerial photographs taken after the centennial showcase the commemorative banners and provide a unique perspective of the Washington Memorial Library. Each image captures the beautiful historical neighborhood and offers a stunning vantage point of the library from above Macon, GA.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we invite everyone to visit the Washington Memorial Library, explore its vast resources, and be a part of its continuing legacy.

Capturing Excellence: Photography for Powers Law Group in Macon, GA, USA

Capturing Excellence: Commercial Photography for Powers Law Group in Macon, GA, USA. When it comes to the face of a leading personal injury, workers’ compensation law firm, a strong visual presence is everything to us. Photography was used to exemplify the firm’s professionalism and dedication to our focus market. Here’s how we did it during the shoot at their office:

Setting the Scene: The Office Environment

The Powers Law Group office was the perfect setting for our shoot. We wanted the photos to capture the essence of the firm and the welcoming, professional environment they offer. By incorporating elements of their office space, we created a visual story that resonates with both current and potential clients.

Showcasing the Team: Professionalism and Approachability

The attorneys at Powers Law Group are known for their expertise and compassion. Our goal was to reflect these qualities by capturing candid moments of the team in action within their office setting. We focused on:

  • Client Interactions: Demonstrating the genuine care and attention given to each client.
  • Team Collaboration: Highlighting the teamwork involved in building strong cases.
  • Individual Portraits: Featuring each attorney in a professional yet approachable manner, using various office spaces as backdrops.

Showcasing the Team: Professionalism and Approachability

The attorneys at Powers Law Group are known for their expertise and compassion. Our goal was to reflect these qualities by capturing candid moments of the team in action within their office setting. We focused on:

  • Client Interactions: Demonstrating the genuine care and attention given to each client.

  • Team Collaboration: Highlighting the teamwork involved in building strong cases.

  • Individual Portraits: Featuring each attorney in a professional yet approachable manner, using various office spaces as backdrops.

Emphasizing Expertise: Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation

To communicate the firm’s specialized expertise, we used:

  • Action Shots: Capturing attorneys in intense legal discussions and preparing for court cases.
  • Detailed Imagery: Showcasing the meticulous preparation and research that goes into every case.
  • Client Testimonials: Featuring real clients sharing their success stories, adding authenticity and trustworthiness to the firm’s image.

Creating a Connection: Authentic and Relatable Imagery

We aimed to create images that prospective clients could relate to, including:

  • Community Involvement: Capturing the firm’s participation in local events and charity work, highlighting their commitment to giving back to Macon.
  • Welcoming Office Environment: Showcasing the inviting and comfortable atmosphere of the Powers Law Group office.

Driving SEO Traffic: Strategic Keyword Integration

In addition to stunning visuals, we strategically integrated key phrases like “personal injury lawyer in Macon, GA” and “workers compensation lawyer in Macon, GA” into the metadata and descriptions of each photo. This ensures that Powers Law Group stands out in search results, driving more traffic to their website.


The photography project for Powers Law Group was more than just a photoshoot; it was about telling a story of dedication, expertise, and community involvement. By capturing the essence of the firm and optimizing the images for SEO, we aimed to enhance their online presence and connect with potential clients. At Powers Law Group, every picture tells a story of commitment and success in personal injury and workers’ compensation law in Macon, GA.




Exploring Downtown Perry from Above

Aerial view of Downtown Perry GA

Recently, we captured a series of aerial photos of downtown Perry, Georgia, highlighting its historic charm and vibrant community. The collection features striking views of landmarks like the boldly labeled Perry water tower and the classic city hall surrounded by green spaces. Streets bustling with local businesses and the welcoming town square add to the town’s appeal.

These photographs offer a unique perspective of Perry, emphasizing its blend of historic architecture and natural beauty. This visual journey showcases Perry as a harmonious and inviting community, perfect for both residents and visitors to explore and appreciate.

This aerial exploration of Perry provides a fresh perspective on this quaint Georgian town, celebrating its beauty and community spirit.



Hotel Forty Five in Downtown Macon, Georgia

Hotel Forty Five is a stunning boutique hotel located on a unique 45-degree angle at Cotton and Cherry Street in Downtown Macon, Georgia. The hotel is a member of the Tribute Portfolio, a collection of independent hotels and resorts that offer unique, authentic experiences. Built in 1940, it was Macon’s first skyscraper designed by William Elliott Dunwody IV. Here are some of the highlights of this wonderful hotel:

  1. Stylish Rooms and Suites: The hotel offers 105 beautifully appointed rooms and suites, each one uniquely designed with a mix of contemporary and classic elements. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and feature luxurious bedding and high-quality amenities.
  2. Exceptional Dining: The hotel features two on-site restaurants that offer a range of dining options. The first, “The Society Garden,” offers delicious farm-to-table cuisine in a charming outdoor setting, while “The Drafting Table” is a more upscale dining experience with creative cuisine and a sophisticated ambiance.
  3. Beautiful Event Spaces: Whether you’re planning a wedding, conference, or other special event, Hotel Forty Five has a range of stunning event spaces to choose from. The hotel’s ballroom, rooftop terrace, and private dining rooms all offer breathtaking views of Macon and can be customized to suit your specific needs.
  4. Prime Location: The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Macon, just steps away from some of the city’s most popular attractions, including the Tubman Museum, the Macon City Auditorium, and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. The hotel is also just a short drive from other popular destinations, such as the Ocmulgee National Monument and the Museum of Aviation.
  5. Exceptional Service: The hotel’s friendly and attentive staff are always on hand to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible. Whether you need assistance with your room, advice on local attractions, or recommendations for dining and entertainment, the staff are always happy to help.

Overall, Hotel Forty Five, Macon, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, is a fantastic choice for anyone visiting Macon, Georgia. With its beautiful rooms, exceptional dining, stunning event spaces, prime location, and exceptional service, it’s no wonder that this hotel has become a popular destination for travelers from around the world.



H&H Soul Food Mural by Steven Teller Arts


Discover the Magic of H&H Restaurant

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to meet the talented artist Steven Teller as he put the finishing touches on his mural at the legendary H&H Soul Food Restaurant in Macon, Georgia. This iconic establishment is renowned for its rich history and delicious cuisine, making it a beloved destination for both locals and visitors.

Capturing a Moment in Time

Steven Teller’s mural beautifully captures a special moment in Macon’s history: the Allman Brothers Band enjoying a meal with the restaurant’s cherished founders, Inez Hill “Mama Hill” and Louise Hudson “Mama Louise.” Documenting this blend of art and history through my photography, including aerial views, was a truly extraordinary experience.

A Tribute to Macon’s Legacy

The mural is more than just a work of art; it’s a tribute to Macon’s musical legacy and culinary tradition. For more of Steven’s inspiring artwork, visit Steven Teller Arts.

The Story of H&H Soul Food

Founded in 1959 by Mama Hill and Mama Louise, H&H Soul Food is an integral part of Macon’s cultural fabric. After a brief closure, the restaurant was joyfully reopened in 2014 by the Moonhanger Group with Mama Louise’s blessing. Known for its hearty and delicious soul food, H&H Soul Food was named one of the top five “meat and three” joints by the Wall Street Journal in 2016 and “Georgia’s Most Iconic Restaurant” by Thrillist.com in 2015.

A Visual Journey

In this blog, I share a collection of photos and videos that not only showcase Steven Teller’s artistic process but also capture the essence of H&H Soul Food. Each shot tells part of the story of this Macon staple, reflecting its rich history and vibrant present.

Explore and Share

Enjoy this visual journey into the heart of Macon, where music and soul food create an unforgettable melody. Don’t forget to share this post to spread the word about the iconic H&H Soul Food Restaurant and the incredible mural by Steven Teller.


H&H Soul Food is more than just a restaurant; it’s a piece of Macon’s soul. From the Allman Brothers Band to Steven Teller’s mural, every aspect of this establishment tells a story worth sharing. Visit H&H Soul Food to experience the rich history and delicious food that make it a true gem in Macon, Georgia.


Circle F Farms October Sale 2021

Working with Proforma Ascension Marketing Group, Larry Najera / GoRound Media provides videography & photography services from the air and on the ground. Here is a recap video and a few photos of the successful annual cattle sale at Circle F Farms.

Circle F Farms is located in Baxley, Georgia, and owned by Woody Folsom with his wife Tamela and kids Tanner and Anna Kate. The farm consists of 2,100 acres and 400 head of Registered Brahman cattle. In addition to the elite Registered Brahman herd, consisting of primarily V8 Ranch & J.D. Hudgins, Inc. genetics, Circle F raises F-1 heifers out of Hereford and Angus bulls.

Proforma Ascension Marketing Group is a print media company providing Circle F Farms unique printed solutions including sale catalogs, signage, brand apparel, other print materials.





360 Degree Aerial Panoramas of the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA

Since 2017, Larry Najera has worked with Proforma Ascension Marketing Group to provide the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter unique media solutions including videography & photography from the air and on the ground as well as 360 degree panoramic images and virtual tours. Here is a Tiny Planet rendering from above the clock tower at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA during the Georgia National Fair 2021.


Featuring a 360 interactive panorama of the same scene above the clock tower.

Historic Beall’s Hill Neighborhood in Macon, GA

Bird’s eye view of Beall’s Hill Neighborhood – an eclectic, revitalizing historic neighborhood in the College Hill Corridor of Macon, GA.


Drone Aerial 360 Photography & Videography
for the Macon Middle Georgia Area