August 29, 2021 Larry Najera

GoRound Media Selected by Hensel Phelps for Construction Photos at RAFB

Pole Aerial Photography for Construction Site at RAFB GoRound Media specializes in aerial images for places that prohibit drone flights. Hensel Phelps Construction selected GoRound Media to capture monthly construction photos for the new Commercial Vehicle / Visitor Access Control Facility at the Robins Air Force Base (RAFB) in Warner Robins, GA. According to RAFB officials, drone flying is prohibited at Robins Air Force Base. The FAA also states that drones cannot be flown within a 5-mile radius of military airfields. GoRound Media provides pole aerial photography and videography from heights up to 35′. Media captured for NO DRONE ZONES* including construction sites, state parks, sports stadiums during games, national laboratories, roof inspections in restricted areas.

A No Drone Zone sign lets you know that taking off or landing your drone from the designated area is not allowed, per local restrictions.

Be aware that even if you have an airspace authorization to fly in the airspace over this area, you do not have authorization to take off or land from the property designated as a local No Drone Zone.

In other words, airspace authorization does not mean land use approval.

Aerial construction photos and panoramas have been captured since construction started in October 2020. Here are some featured construction photos from the last session captured in August 2021.











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