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This service is for customers who will be onsite and direct the drone operator to capture the required images. This rate does not include any picture or video editing. The customer will receive the images as they were captured by the drone. Time will begin when the drone operator begins the pre-flight check and ends when the post flight check is complete. A minimum of one hour will be charged.  Examples would include conducting a building inspection or capturing images for a promotional video.


Similar to the packages listed above for Real Estate, we can put together a custom picture or video package based on your requirements. Packages could range from one weekly aerial picture for construction site progress monitoring to aerial video clips for a TV commercial.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer Macon Georgia

If you’re looking for a commercial photographer / videographer and aerial drone service provider in Macon, Georgia, contact GoRound Media for a quote on your project. Clients served are in Macon and surrounding areas in Georgia as far as 250 miles with aerial drone video and photography services. GoRound Media is a Google Street View Trusted Agency, licensed, certified, insured and professional. Call Larry Najera at 478-361-4528.

Drone Aerial 360 Photography & Videography
for the Macon Middle Georgia Area