January 16, 2022 Larry Najera

H&H Soul Food Mural by Steven Teller Arts


Recently, I had the privilege of meeting artist Steven Teller as he put the finishing touches on his mural at the iconic H&H Soul Food Restaurant in Macon. His mural captures a special moment: the Allman Brothers Band enjoying a meal with the restaurant’s beloved founders, Inez Hill ‘Mama Hill’ and Louise Hudson ‘Mama Louise.’ Documenting this blend of art and history through my photography, including aerial views, was an extraordinary experience.

Steven’s mural beautifully bridges Macon’s musical legacy with its culinary tradition. For more of Steven’s inspiring artwork, visit Steven Teller Arts.

H&H Soul Food, founded in 1959 by Mama Hill and Mama Louise, is woven into the fabric of Macon. After a brief closure, it was reopened in 2014 by the Moonhanger Group, with Mama Louise’s blessing. The restaurant is renowned for its hearty soul food and was even named one of the top five “meat and three” joints by the Wall Street Journal in 2016, and “Georgia’s Most Iconic Restaurant” by Thrillist.com in 2015.

In this blog, I share photos and videos that not only showcase Steven’s artistic process but also the essence of H&H Soul Food. Each shot tells part of the story of this Macon staple, reflecting its rich history and vibrant present.

Enjoy this visual journey into the heart of Macon, where music and soul food create an unforgettable melody.

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