January 15, 2022 Larry Najera

H&H Soul Food Mural by Steven Teller Arts


I was fortunate to meet Steven Teller while he was finishing the mural of the Allman Brothers Band eating at the H&H Soul Food restaurant, as well as the original owners Inez Hill ‘Mama Hill’ and Louise Hudson ‘Mama Louise.’ He hired me to capture photos and videos including aerials of his last few weeks finishing his amazing work. You can view the rest of his inspiring work on his website at Steven Teller Arts.

Founded in 1959 by Inez Hill and Louise Hudson, H&H Soul Restaurant is a Macon institution – woven into the fabric of Macon’s history. H&H has kept Macon’s most diverse clientele well-fed with delicious, stick-to-ya-ribs soul food and is most famous for its founders’ unique friendship with the Allman Brothers Band. H&H was closed for a little while after Mama Hill passed on, but on August 13, 2014, the Moonhanger Group reopened the historic restaurant in cooperation with Mama Louise. H&H serves delectable soul food for breakfast and lunch and was named one of the top five meat and three joints by the Wall Street Journal in 2016 and “Georgia’s Most Iconic Restaurant” by Thrillist.com in 2015.

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